The Cheapest Flat Rent In Central London

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The cheapest flat rent in Central London will typically cost you around £1500 per month for a studio or a one bedroom apartment and that’s if you’re lucky. After a quick search in the property website Zoopla, the highest price found for a London 1 bed apartment was a whopping £33,000 per month!

Many people who would love to live in central London, due to the convenience of living closer to work or the social scene or night-life but just cannot justify or afford the large outlay.

A 31-year-old employee, lives in the very heart of London town. She has a 320 square metres of floorspace all to herself and only pays £389 a month. But how could this be in one of the most expensive cities in the world? …She lives in an office.

Don’t be immediately put off with visions of her sleeping under her desk, keeping her underwear in filing cabinets and being woken up at 8am by her colleagues when they come in to work every day. The office is unused and along with many others is being let by one of a growing number of ‘guardian’ firms springing up in London.

Guardian firms, are letting agents who take on management responsibilities for unoccupied office buildings. They protect landlords from losses and damages caused by squatters while at the same time generate some income for them. The other positive outcome is that tenants end up paying the cheapest rent for a central London apartment at a fraction of the price of what it would normally cost to rent a flat in London.

The BBC ran a story on property Guardian lettings

The benefits to the tenant are

  • Lowest rent in Central London
  • Huge space
  • Flexible short term contracts
  • Bill included

The drawbacks are

  • Short notice periods
  • Overwhelming space

So if you’re looking to live in central London and want to reduce the amount you spend on rent and on transport then find a property guardian firm and get on their books. Property guardian renting is definitely the cheapest rent in London or in any major city for a decent sized place.  If you’re a landlord with vacant office space then this may also be a great value to you.

We’ve put together a selection of Guardian Firms to help you decide if this is something you might benefit from.


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