List of Property Guardian Firms

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We’ve put together a list of property guardian firms. Property guardian firms provide a service whereby owners of vacant premises can rent out their property to tenants under short term contracts with short notice periods. Tenants will pay rock bottom prices for renting huge living spaces in prime locations in the most sought after areas. We have an article containing further information about property guardians.

Ad Hoc Property Management

There are hundreds of thousands of empty properties in the UK which stand vacant for a variety of reasons. They include flats and houses, offices, churches, sports halls and more. Ad Hoc provides a service that is of benefit to both property owner and those looking for low cost accommodation by putting these buildings back into use.
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Live-in Guardians Limited

Live-in Guardians Limited offers a fresh approach to protecting and preserving the substantial investment our clients have made in their properties. We provide reliable and trustworthy people as live-in guardians for vacant properties. Our strictly vetted live-in guardians’ presence acts as an efficient and cost effective deterrent to squatters, vandals, trespassers and other anti-social threats to our clients’ property.
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Camelot Vacant Property Management

Camelot offer the pro-active Live-in Guardian solution that vastly reduces vacant property risks for a fraction of the cost of traditional security.While Guardians are in residence, the property is secured; reducing risk and eliminating any delay in response to crime and maintenance issues on site.
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Guardians of London

Guardians can provide a solution to all of the issues of having vacant properties by arranging for responsible and reliable guardians to move into empty properties, not only to look after them and keep them secure, but also to provide an extra and unexpected income for the landlord.
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