About Property Law Advice

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My wife and I created Property Law Advice to share our experience of property law, property investments, being a landlord and being home-owners. We hope to use what we know to make it easier for you to safely buy, sell, let or rent property.

Property Law Advice will provide information for businesses looking for premises to operate from, landlords wanting to earn income from letting properties and investors and property developers hoping to make a profit through return on property investments. Property Law Advice will also give advice and guidance to families and individuals who wish to buy, sell or rent properties in which to live.

The information you’ll find in Property Law Advice is based on my experience over the past decade as landlord with UKLAP (UK Landlord Accreditation Partnership) accreditation and my wife’s expertise as a fully qualified property lawyer in London.

The laws governing property or real estate can be quite daunting at first with the reams of legal paperwork and the pages of legally binding documents to sign. The truth is however, that property laws are there to protect you. Whether you’re buying or selling, or whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, when you’re dealing with property you are making a very large investment. Property law attempts to cover the interests of all parties involved in the transaction so it is important to understand at least the basic aspects of property law which are relevant to you.

Visit Property Law Advice to learn more about the basics of property law and to also stay up to date with tips and advice on making sound property purchases either as somewhere to live or for an investment.

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